Maximise your Install

these are tips to acimise how long your frontal installation will last wih the aisha glue

Our two sources of Raw Hair

South East Asia Bundles and Vietnamese Raw Hair. Both options provide premium and unprocessed hair extensions that exude natural beauty and quality. The South East Asia Bundles are available at a slightly lower price, while still maintaining their raw hair characteristics bundles lift to 613 , the hair is silky . These bundles are sourced from various countries in South East Asia, offering a diverse range of textures and shades.

On the other hand, our Vietnamese Raw Hair is renowned for its exceptional thickness and heaviness giving you a heavier thicker looking wig it has the ability to be bleached to shade 613, giving you styling possibilities.

Both options have intact cuticles for reduced tangling and shedding, ensuring durability and longevity. They have undergone the tests for Raw hair which includes bleaching , clarifying shampoo test , and burn test

Whether you prefer the affordability and diversity of South East Asia Bundles or the thickness and bleaching capability of Vietnamese Raw Hair, our collection caters to every individual's unique preferences and desires.