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THIS IS LACED' Lace Adhesive

THIS IS LACED' Lace Adhesive

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Prepare your natural hair: Ensure your hairline is clean, dry, and free of oils or products. Do not oil your edges less than 24 hours before install.

Clean forehead area so it is free from oils.

Apply Bald cap method.

Test fit the wig: Place the lace wig on your head without any adhesive to ensure it fits properly. Adjust the wig's position to align it with your natural hairline and make any necessary adjustments.

Apply This is Laced In This: Start by applying a thin layer of This is Laced In This along your natural hairline using a small brush or cotton swab. Apply the first layer evenly, a depth of around 5cm-10cm.

Allow the first layer to dry: Let the first layer of glue dry until tacky.

Apply additional layers of glue: Apply four more thin layers of This is Laced In This, allowing each layer to dry until tacky before applying the next one. The five layers of glue provide maximum hold for the lace wig.

Attach the lace wig: Once the fifth layer of glue is tacky, carefully place the lace wig onto your head, starting from the front and aligning the hairline with your natural hairline. Gently press the lace onto the glue, starting from the center and moving towards the sides. Ensure the wig is properly aligned and centered.

Secure the wig: After attaching the lace wig, firmly press down on the lace all around your hairline to ensure a secure bond. You can use a tail comb or your fingers to press down the edges of the lace for a seamless blend.

Blow dry with the band on: After attaching the lace wig, use a blow dryer on low or cool settings to blow dry the lace with the band on for approximately 30 minutes. This helps to set the glue and enhance the bond.

Style the wig edges.

CURE THE LACE: It is needed to allow the lace wig to cure for 24-48 hours before engaging in activities that may cause sweating or excessive moisture. During this time, avoid getting the lace wet or consider taking cool showers and washing your face with a cloth completely avoiding water on your lace.

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