Due to the overhwhelming numbers of orders we've had that required custom options not on hand , we have decded to adjust our business model , we will now sell hair on a pre- order basis as each order needs to be custom made. Estimated Delivery and processing times are now between 2-3 weeks respectivly . This allows us to keep prices low and still serve all your hair needs


two exceptional sources of Virgin Hair: South East Asia and Vietnamese Virgin Hair. While South East Asia bundles are slightly more budget-friendly, rest assured that they still offer 100% Virgin Hair quality. Both options boast aligned cuticles and originate from 2-3 donors, ensuring minimal tangling and shedding, and providing long-lasting wear. Both bleach colour 27 if wanting a 613 look please refer to our raw hair

However, the Vietnamese Virgin Hair stands out with its luxurious raw hair appearance, showcasing exceptional thickness and a natural radiance that's hard to resist. Whether you opt for the diverse beauty of South East Asia or the opulent allure of Vietnamese Virgin Hair, both collections will elevate your style and confidence, leaving you with breathtaking and versatile hair extensions to cherish.